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    Hubei Sanfeng Turbine Equipment Co., Ltd.
    Company Profile

       Hubei Sanfeng Turbine Equipment Co., Ltd. (formerly Hubei Provincial Blower Works Co., Ltd., hereinafter referred to as Sanfeng Turbine) is a modern high-end equipment manufacturing enterprise specialized in the research and development, design and manufacturing, system consulting and service of blower. It is also a backbone enterprise of blower industry in China, and the leading technology innovator in blower and fan industry in China. The company covers an area of 230 acres of land, workshop area of 50,000 square meters, working staff of 650 people, and more than 200 sets of high-end processing and testing equipment.

       We produce various types of turbine vacuum blower, MVR vapor compressor, moving & stationary blade adjustable axial flow fan, jet fan, industrial large centrifugal blower & fan and noise control equipment, etc. They are widely used in many fields such as paper making, evaporation and crystallization, thermal power generation, rail transmit, tunnel, non-ferrous smelting of steel, environmental protection, dust removal, desulfurization and denitrification, petrochemical industry and coal chemical industry, etc.

       Driven by innovation, Sanfeng Turbine continuously creates new technologies, new processes and new products. Our company has set up a mechanical turbine research institute and technology research & development center, serving a research and development staff of 72 people. Not only did Sanfeng Turbine establish long-term cooperative relationships with Xi’an Jiaotong University of Science & Technology, Shenyang Blower Institutions and other higher learning and institutions, but also preside over and participate in a number of standards formulations, and also obtain dozens of invention patents and utility model patents. With mature and comprehensive quality control system and perfect detection means, we strictly control each link of the processing to full control the products’ quality.

       Sanfeng Turbine adheres to the business philosophy of “an enterprise with a turnover of 10 billion, a factory with a history of century-old, to serve the country with industry”. Based on customers’ needs, we introduce the most advanced and modern equipment to realize the all-round quality control to make our products well-known in a number of enterprises and sell well in domestic and foreign markets through 24-hour service.

       With perseverance and consistency, concentration and professional spirit, we focus on your satisfaction!

    Hubei Sanfeng Turbine Equipment Co., Ltd.


    Historical Development
    Summarized in a sentence, our development history is: born in New China, grow up under the red flag, walk in the spring breeze and fight in the business circle

    On September 25, 2017, the company was reset up with the name of Hubei Sanfeng Turbine Equipment Co., Ltd.;
    In November 2016, the company was awarded ”Hubei Fan Industrial Design Center“ by the Hubei Provincial Economic and Information Committee;
    In August 2016, the company's laboratory was awarded the ”Hubei Provincial Engineering Laboratory“ by the Hubei Provincial Development and Reform Commission;
    In December 2016, the company was awarded the honor of ”Enterprise Technology Innovation Platform“ by the Hubei Provincial People's Government;
    In September 2015, the company was awarded the ”Postdoctoral Scientific Research Workstation“ by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and the National Postdoctoral Management Committee.
    In September 2013, the company was awarded the ”Academician Expert Workstation“ by the Hubei Science and Technology Association;
    In April 2013, the blanking workshop was rated as ”Pioneer Worker“ in Hubei Province;
    In September 2012, the company's technical center was identified as ”Hubei Engineering Technology Research Center“
    In August 2012, AJ-series converter gas dry-de-dusting axial-flow fan and AS-series stationary-blade adjustable desulfurization- pressurization axial-flow fan passed the achievement appraisal of the Provincial Science and Technology Department. The appraisal conclusions are: domestically advanced and internationally advanced.
    In April 2012, the Sanfeng trademark was recognized as a well-known trademark in China;
    In December 2011, the company was awarded the titles of ”2011 Leading Enterprise in Economic Construction of Hubei Province“ and Chairman Xiong won the honor of ”2011 Elite Figure in Economic Construction of Hubei Province“
    In 2011, the single-suction wear-resistant and anti-corrosion converter gas blower won the third prize of Hubei Province Science and Technology Progress Award;
    2011 National Torch Program Industrialization Demonstration Project;
    In April 2011, the CN series high-pressure nitrogen circulating fans and single-suction dual-bearing desulfurization booster centrifugal blowers were granted Hubei Independent Innovation Product Certificate; the R&D and industrialization of high-pressure nitrogen circulating fans were rated as 2011 National Torch Plan Industrialization Demonstration Project;
    In December 2010, the company's new high-pressure nitrogen circulating fan and coke oven gas blower passed the achievement appraisal of the Provincial Science and Technology Department, and the appraisal conclusion was: leading in China;
    In November 2010, the company's S1450-11 sulfuric acid centrifugal blower won the ”Golden Award“ at the 5th China Fluid Machinery Exhibition in 2010;
    In March 2010, ”Desulfurization Booster Centrifugal Blower, Single-Suction Anti-Corrosion Centrifugal Blower And Double-Suction Double-Support Steel Converter Gas Blower“ were all rated as ”Major Scientific and Technological Achievements in Hubei Province“ by Hubei Science and Technology Department;
    In December 2009, the company was awarded the Provincial Postdoctoral Industrial Base by the Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security and the Provincial Bureau of Management jointly;
    In November 2009, two new products — single-suction wear-resistant anti-corrosion converter gas blower and single-suction double-bearing desulfurization booster centrifugal blower passed the achievement appraisal of the Provincial Department of Science and Technology and the appraisal conclusion is: leading in China;
    In April 2009, the company's in-house publication ”Water-like Highest Good“ was launched;
    In January 2009, the company was jointly identified by the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the Provincial Department of Science and Technology, and the Provincial Department of Finance as ”Enterprise Technology Center of Hubei Province“
    In November 2008, the company's D420 coke oven gas blower and C series gas blower won the ”Golden Award of the 4th China International Fluid Machinery Exhibition 2008“
    In May 2008, the company merged with Hufeng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and the merged company name was still Hubei Fan Factory Co., Ltd., and the company's address was changed to 001 Shili Industrial Park, Guangshui City. The merged company became the largest blower and fan manufacturer in Mid-South Region of China;
    In November 2006, the company's A1, A2, B2 series fans and C D series fans won the ”Gold Award for the 3rd China International Fluid Machinery Exhibition 2006“ and the XHFJ series won the silver award;
    In December 2005, the company was identified as ”High-tech Enterprise in Hubei Province“ by the Provincial Department of Science and Technology;
    In November 2005, the company obtained the ISO9001:2000 Quality System Certification Certificate issued by China Quality Certification Center CQC;
    In July 2004, the company was transformed from a state-owned enterprise into a private enterprise. The name was changed from Hubei Fan Factory to Hubei Fan Factory Co., Ltd.;
    In April 1998, the company was awarded the ”Small Nitrogen Fertilizer Technology Progress Award“ issued by China Nitrogen Fertilizer Industry Association;
    In December 1997, the company won the ”Energy Conservation Product Marking Certificate of Hubei Province“ jointly issued by Hubei Provincial Economic and Trade Commission and Hubei Technical Supervision Bureau;
    In October 1994, the company was awarded the ”Advanced Unit of the Year1994“ by the National Foundry Science and Technology Achievement Market;
    In April 1993, the company was jointly awarded ”Energy-saving Type Quality and New Product Award“ by the Energy Conservation Technology Monitoring Center of Shanxi Province, Taiyuan Energy Saving Technology Service Center and Shanxi Energy Conservation Research Association;
    In October 1992, the company won the first prize at Beijing Three-electricity Achievement Exhibition;
    In November 1991, the ”Energy-saving Centrifugal Blower for Chemical-fired Iron Furnaces“ won the first prize of the National High-tech Energy-saving Products Expo;
    In January 1991, the company won the first prize at the Beijing Excellent Energy Saving Technology Product Achievement Evaluation and Sales Promotion Conference.
    In December 1990, the ”Medium- and Low-Pressure Centrifugal Fan“ was awarded ”1990 Quality Product Award“ by the Ministry of Machinery and Electronics Industry;
    In December 1990, the company was honored with ”Quality Work Merit“ issued by the Provincial Machinery Industry Department;
    In November 1990, the company obtained the ”National Industrial Product Production License“ issued by the Ministry of Machinery and Electronics Industry;
    In August 1989, Guangshui Fan Factory was renamed as Hubei Fan Factory and its registered address was No. 2 Yongyang Avenue, Guangshui City;
    In July 1989, the company won the honorary certificate of ”Energy-saving Products in Hubei Province“ issued by the Provincial Government Energy Conservation Office;
    In January 1989, it was awarded the ”Advanced Enterprise in Quality Year Activity“ issued by the Hubei Machinery Industry Department;
    In December 1988, Yingshan County was transformed to a city, Hubei Yingshan Fan Factory was renamed Hubei Guangshui Fan Factory;
    In November 1987, the company obtained the ”Acceptance Certificate When Products Are Tested with International Standards“ issued by Hubei Provincial Bureau of Standards;
    In July 1986, the company obtained the ”Measurement Qualification Certificate“ issued by the National Bureau of Measurement;
    In May 1986, ”Cupola Energy-saving Centrifugal Blower Series“ was awarded ”Outstanding Scientific and Technological Achievement Award“ by the National Board of Education;
    In October 1982, the ”Sanfeng“ trademark and logo were registered in the State Trademark Office;
    In December 1981, Yingshan Machinery Factory was renamed Hubei Yingshan Fan Factory;
    In September 1981, the company was awarded the ”Hubei Provincial Quality Product Award“ by the Hubei Provincial People's Government;
    In May 1978, HTD50-113-ton cupola blower won the ”National Science Conference Award“ issued by the National Science Conference. In August of the same year, HTD50-113-ton cupola blowers was awarded the ”National Science and Technology Achievements Award“ issued by the State Science and Technology Commission;
    In August 1958, Yingshan Machinery Manufacturing Factory was established and its address was in Chengguan Town, Yingshan County.