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    Tunnel, Mining & Underground
    Hubei Sanfeng Turbine Equipment Co., Ltd. have shared the benefits of Chinese development, the increasing demanding for underground transportation and mine
    promote our product for underground system ventilation, for instance, the subway, coal mine, wind tunnel etc. From the past ten years we have delivered thousands
    axial fans for both the metro station and tunnel ventilation and exhausting system. Those high reliability and low noise fans are now servicing more than 30 metro lines
    12 Chinese cities, inclusive Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen.
    For this underground ventilation, normally axial type fan are applied however in some case centrifugal type also required, our products include:
     - Jet fan
     - Metro fan
     - Mine ventilation fan (Ex proof)
     - Tunnel fan (both axial and centrifugal type)
     - Wind tunnel fan
    Base on our delivery, the capacity limitation
     - Impeller with 4m;
     - Flow 1000Nm3/sec (3,600,000Nm3/hr)
     - Pressure 2 - 15kPa;
     - Installed motor 7000kW;
     Our variety experience in cement, chemical and metallurgy industry enable us with more extension on our delivery capapcity, regardless the operation condition if it is explosive
      proof, wide temperature range, high dust and corrosive. Welcome to us for a tailor made proposal for your consideration
    Tunnel, Mining & Underground  Tunnel, Mining & Underground Tunnel, Mining & Underground
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