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    Petroleum & Chemical
    We enter into Petroleum & Chemical industries half century ago, from boost pure air by our compressor for the reaction process, now our fan, blower and compressor cover refinery, urea, amonia, sulfuric acid and chlorine alkali plant for major of the production process. The media are transported/boosted includes air, gas, coal gas, nitrigen (N2), carbon dioxide (CO2), sulfur dioxide (SO2), hydrochloric acid (HCl), Chlorine (Cl2) etc. Besides apply Chinese petrochemical standard to service most China clients, API 617, API 672 and API 673 are also applied for both international and domestic project when there is such requirement from client.
    Our single & multiple stage compressors & blowers applied for:
          - Carbon black plant, carbon black as a core conditioner for tyer industry, our multiple stages blower can rise the air pressure up to 3 bar (300kPa) as the
          source to drive carbon black powder. Other type of fans can be applied for process air, tail gas;
                                                   Petroleum & Chemical       Petroleum & Chemical
         - Sulfuric acid plant
           by burning sulfur, for the burning sulfur to sulfuric acid process, the main air compressor or blower require a 40 - 90kPa pressure rise to boost ambient air, the
           single stage blower with high efficience design is widely accepted in this industry. 
           by utilise SO2 regenerated from smelting process, in the metallurigy plant, smelting process will regenerate SO2  up to a 15% in the process gas, a type of
           blower or compressor was tailor made for this process and the most remarkable delivery for this application is a 270,000Nm3/hr flow rate with installed motor size
           4700kW for a Chinese client.
                        Petroleum & Chemical      Petroleum & ChemicalPetroleum & Chemical
        - Urea plant, variety types of blowers and compressors can be supplied to urea plant, include PA, FD, ID fans for captive plant, and pressure rise up to 100kPa for
          air boost or granulate transfer
        - Petroleum Plant (Refinery)
          SRU process, sulfur recovery process need boost air for the furnace, pressure rise can be up to 100kPa, while the tail gas also need transfer by fan for buring. 
        - MVR Process
          Mechanical vapor recompression process is recycle the used steam to required temperature for concentration the solution, the principle is widely used in for plant
          either need to get product from solution or treat the waste water before discharge. Our MVR blower have been delivered more than 200 sets, limitation within 200t/h
          steam handle capacity.
                                                    Petroleum & Chemical      Petroleum & Chemical
                   Single & multi stage compressor, blower & fan                                                               MVR blower (steam compressor)
                      - Pressure up to 15 - 300kPa,                                                                                                  - Processed steam (weight) 2 - 200t/h;
                      - Flow rate up to 15,000 - 500,000 Nm3/hr,                                                                             - Maximum temperature rise up to 26°C
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