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BGO Crystal Array, BGO Array, BGO scintillator array, BGO scintillation crystal array

KHArray 005
BGO array is widely used in medical imaging including CT, PET.
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BGO (Bi4Ge3012) is an oxide type scintillation material. It has high atomic number and density. BGO has good property including strong mechanical strength, non-hygroscopic, no cleavage. Extreme high density 7.13 g /cm3 which makes these crystals very suitable for the detection of natural radioactivity.
BGO detectors are characterized by high energy resolution in the energy range 5 - 20 MeV, a relatively short decay time. Its parameters remain stable up to the doses of 5 x 104 Gy. Due to these features, BGO crystals are used in high-energy physics, spectrometry and radiometry of gamma-radiation, positron tomography nuclear medical imaging industry.



Density [g/cm3] 7.13
Melting point [K] 1323
Thermal expansion coefficient [C-1] 7 x 10-6
Cleavage plane none
Hardness (Mho) 5
Hygroscopic no
Wavelength of emission max. [nm] 480
Lower wavelength cutoff [nm] 320
Refractive index @ emission max 2.15
Primary decay time [ns] 300
Light yield [photons/keVγ] 8-10
Photoelectron yield [% of NaI(Tl)] (for γ-rays) 15 - 20
Temperature response -1.2%/C
Neutron capture cross-section 1.47b
Afterglow @ 20ms 150

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High density

High detection efficiency

Low afterglow

CT , X-ray &Gamma ray detection.

High density

High Effective atomic number

High detection efficiency again γ ray


Fast decay time

PET, Medical imaging

Neutron&gamma ray discrimination ability.

Good energy resolution


Neutron/Gamma detector
Gamma detector
Good energy resolution
Low cost
Gamma detector, and Gamma Spectrometer 

Good energy resolution

High light output

Radiation detector,
Gamma Spectrometer
Gamma/Neutron detector
Good energy resolution
PMT Or SIPM read output
Neutron detector

High light output

Fast decay time

Excellent radioresistance

High density

High Effective atomic number

Medical imaging
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